Grading & Belts

The Grading & Belt System Explained...

As students progress through their karate and learn new skills, they are asked to attend a Grading. Gradings are a special class where an instructor assesses a student’s new skills, and is the process by which students can attain another belt.

Only once a student meets a set criterion and pass are they awarded a new grade. Students invited to attend a grading should consider it a privilege and not an automatic right. Moreover, the privilege to participate in a grading, at any level, is earned through regular attendance, dedication to training, and correct attitude.

The final decision as to whether a student is permitted to grade or not rests with the instructor.

Kyokushin karate has a grading system where students move up a series of colored belts after undertaking testing. The belt system is divided into Kyu grades (beginner grades) and Dan grades (advanced grades). The system is as follows:

The path in Kyokushin is not a short one. One would expect to train twice to three times a week for at least 5 years before achieving the rank of 1st Dan, or Black Belt. 1st Dan is considered the beginning, with Dan grades going up to 10th Dan, with the 10th usually reserved for the founder of the system, or the head of an organization. Comparing the ranks to the Western schooling system, think of the colored belts as grade school, 1st Dan through 4thDan undergrad, and 5th Dan Masters.


Spring Grading 2019

Senpai Tom wishes to congratulate...

All students from Ronin Kyokushin Karate Club for successfully passing their first grading of 2019.

For some students this was their first ever grading and no doubt some may have been feeling a little nervous, but you have trained hard and practised your techniques well over the last few weeks.

Some of the senior students were working hard to advance to a higher belt and your hard work and desire to step up to a higher grade has not gone unnoticed.

Our student's determination and concentration during the grading aided their success and demonstrated everything they have learned at Ronin Kyokushin.

Grading Results

Stuart Worby - 6th Kyu (Yellow Belt)

Matt Bunn - 8th Kyu  (Blue Belt)

Chris Parsons - 8th Kyu  (Blue Belt)

Chris Mcallister - 8th Kyu  (Blue Belt)

Millie Bunn - 8th Kyu (Blue Belt)

Toby Colton - 10th & 9th Kyu  (Double Red Belt)

Rowan Long - 10th Kyu (Red Belt)

Jack Farrow - 10th Kyu (Red Belt)

Jinny Kettell - 10th Kyu  (Red Belt)

Well done everyone, you have done the club proud.

Senpai Tom

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