IKKU Scottish Open 2019

We take the fight north of the border

IKKU Ronin Kyokushin took four fighters to the 2019 Scottish Open where entrants from 14 organisations and seven countries were pitched against each other in a knockout tournament.
Head instructor Tom Cunnington lead his team for their first Kyokushin tournament, but despite their tournament in-experience, the three student fighters returned home with silverware, including a newly-crowned champion.


Chris Parsons had a tough route to the final in the Novice Lightweight category with three fights culminating in a battle against an experienced opponent.
Despite dominating his earlier fights, Parsons was just beaten in the final after a barrage of kicks to the leg from the eventual Irish winner. 

Matt Bunn made his tournament debut at Veteran Heavyweight, and after a convincing win against an experienced opponent, he came up against tricky former international fighter, Malcolm Scott, in the final.
Completely unfazed, the fight was a close battle with Bunn’s usual pressure causing problems for the vastly more experienced fighter, but despite the high output, the judges awarded Scott the win. Still an excellent performance from the Melton fighter.

In the Novice Heavyweight category, a round robin of three fighters meant Chris McAllister needed two dominant performances to come out on top. He opened against a much larger and heavier opponent, but again the pressure from the debutant caused serious problems, outworking his opponent with much cleaner strikes for a dominant win. 

In his second and final fight, McAllister took on a smaller, but athletic fighter, and kept his nerve, using the guidance of his coach to dominate the fight in all aspects and win a unanimous decision to earn gold. 

It was then the turn of head coach Cunnington who faced off against Andras Grof, a decorated Hungarian veteran. Grof started fast and soon had Cunnington on the back foot, but while trying to assert some dominance, he was caught with a strong hooked punch to the kidney and was stopped for a couple of moment


In this time the judges had awarded a half-point to Grof, meaning Cunnington needed to finish the fight, but time ran out and the judges awarded the win to the Hungarian

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43rd British Open ​Knockdown Tournament

Incorporating the 11th Cup of Europe

This iconic event is one of the most long standing knockdown tournaments in the world.
In 2018 there was 161 participating fighters from 22 countries and our very own head instructor Tom Cunnington fought with pride for Ronin Kyokushin under IKKU association in this iconic tournament which included the 11th  Cup of Europe.

Tom's opening fight was against the experienced Bulgarian Sari Glamoush who is a regular on the Kyokushin circuit.

Head Instructor Tom trained hard during the build up to this tournament but knowing this would be his first fight in two years on the tatami,  the lack of fight time might rule against him.

Tom fought hard and gave his all, however his Bulgarian opponent proved to be too strong and controlled the fight throughout and eventually Glamoush was awarded the win by the judges decision.

In this sport you win some and you lose soon, however it's vital you don't let this lose destroy your fighting spirit and determination, you take on board mistakes made and look ahead for your next Kyokushin encounter. Osu!

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For more photos of Tom in the 2018 BKK British Open, click the link below.